Being professional Ice Hockey players, we have learned a ton of knowledge on how to take care of the body to not only prevent injuries and perform, but to also flourish in everyday life activity. Over 80% of Pickleball injuries occurred in people over 60 years old in 2023, with the most common injuries being lower leg, lower trunk, and wrist.  As the human body ages, it becomes more crucial for people to be more aware of their bodies for optimal health. At Pickleball Panther, we want to share the knowledge we know with the rest of Pickleball world on how to physically thrive on and off the court. Below are a couple of exercises and stretches to help people on the court and in their everyday lives. For more tips like this, follow our social media pages!


This exercise can increase glute and hamstring strength. A few benefits of these muscles being strengthened include:

- Reduce risk of lower trunk/leg strains
- Decrease lowerback pain/tightness
- Increase knee health


Hold for at least 30 seconds each side. Focusing on inhales and exhales while holding this position is beneficial. The benefits from performing this on a consistent basis include:

- Looser/more mobile hips
- Reduce risk of lower trunk/leg strains
- Decrease lower back pain/tightness


Hold for at least 10 seconds, and can be held longer as you become stronger. This position is more of a fully body exercise as it strenghtens many parts of the body including, obliques, glutes, hamstrings, groins, and more. Some of the many benefits from this exercise include:

- Reduce risk of lower trunk/leg injuries
- Increase balance for everyday activities/pickleball
- Stronger core