About Us

Introducing Pickleball Panther, a unique venture founded by two passionate professional hockey players and former college roommates who share a huge passion for pickleball. In the summer of 2023, we decided to participate in celebrating and growing the game of pickleball around our community and ultimately the world.

At Pickleball Panther, we recognize that pickleball is more than just a game—it's a way of life. We are committed to offering exceptional pickleball equipment that enhances your performance and elevates your overall playing experience.
Beyond our top products, our true passion lies in building a tight-knit pickleball community. We want to engage with players through social media, tournaments, and local events, creating connections and creating an environment where knowledge is shared, skills are honed, and friendships are forged.

Shop and engage at our store and you will become part of the tight-knit pickleball community that Pickleball Panther has to offer. Our mission is to enhance your playing experience, and become your trusted destination for all things pickleball. Let's play, improve, and grow together, embracing the spirit of pickleball every step of the way.